Author Now, the co-publishing division of Ark House, has been formed as a reaction to a core issue we have discovered over our last ten years in book publishing: we have been astounded with how many manuscripts that have been sent to us, only to be rejected because we didn’t think we could achieve the retail sales necessary to cover our costs.

We have seen some amazing manuscripts come across our collective desks, and yet it just seemed odd to us that we were saying ‘no’, when many authors had vey interesting manuscripts. It just didn’t seem to add up. And when we trialed using a paid service by making contact with authors that we had ‘rejected’ in the past to inform them of our new model, we achieved great success, and have since published a large number of successful titles.

The book industry may be going through enormous change, but one thing is certain: good books are always in demand, and authors still want to see their dream of holding their printed book in their hands coming to fruition.

Our goal is to serve authors who want to own their work and retain their rights, but don’t want to have to go it alone in trying to get their book published.

We provide our authors with our experience and connections that we have collected through our experience in the publishing industry. We provide our authors everything they need to create and publish their books, while allowing the author to maintain control of the content.

Our author’s books are printed using print-on-demand technology, so we print each book to order. Not only is this method of printing mindful of our environment, as no books go to waste, but it is mindful of our authors too. As an author, you are never required to shoulder the cost and hassle of printing, storing and transporting large quantities of your book.

When a book is ordered by a reader, a retailer or the author, it is printed and dispatched in a matter of days.

We also offer printing and distribution in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, so we can help you – no matter where you are based and where you may have speaking engagements.